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K-Gloss Treatment Singapore – (2024 Promo)

K-Gloss Treatment Singapore – (2024 Promo)

Welcome to Xquisite Hair’s K-Gloss Treatment page, where we bring the revolutionary hair smoothing and shine-enhancing solution to Singapore! Are you dreaming of lustrous, manageable, and frizz-free hair? 

Look no further! Our K-Gloss Treatment is a professional salon service designed to transform your hair, giving it the glossy, silky finish you’ve always desired. This innovative treatment not only imparts a mirror-like shine but also improves the health of your hair, leaving it stronger, softer, and more resilient against daily stresses. 

Explore our page to learn more about how K-Gloss Treatment can redefine your hair game and why Xquisite Hair is the go-to salon for this transformative experience.

What is K-Gloss treatment?

Our K-Gloss hair treatment is a unique protein smoothing treatment. The K here refers to Keratin, and it is an extraordinary treatment that gives a new life to dull, lifeless hair. It is highly beneficial for dry and damaged hair; it makes hair more manageable and healthier. With our K-Gloss treatment, you will notice that your hair becomes a lot smoother and free of frizzes. 

The hair treatment works wonders on all hair types. You can get this treatment done even if you have colour-treated and chemically treated hair. This treatment ensures that your hair becomes frizz-free by 90 percent; it also lasts for a pretty long time. 

Why should you choose K-Gloss?

K-Gloss treatment is specially formulated and designed to meet your needs and demands without any limitations. It is a user-friendly treatment that makes your hair look great without changing the natural body and structure of your hair. The non-toxic and water-based formula allows for more styling options and imparts an intense shine and luster into your hair.


✨June special promotions ✨
🌈Anti frizzy hair treatments 🌈
🫧Kgloss keratin treatment + cut 
Neck Line $185 
Shoulder Length $205
Shoulder Blade $225 
🫧ARGILA keratin treatment+cut
Neck Line $205
Shoulder Length $225
Shoulder Blade $245
🫧NanoKeratine treatment + cut 
Neck Line $245
Shoulder Length $265
Shoulder Blade $285 
🌈Straightening Treatment 🌈
🫧Mucota Algana agran oil + cut 
Neck Line $265
Shoulder Length $295
Shoulder Blade $325 
🫧Mucota Omega Rebond + cut 
Neck Line $225
Shoulder Length $245
Shoulder Blade $275
🫧LVpro.acid fiber straight + cut 
Neck Line $295
Shoulder Length $325
Shoulder Blade $355
🌈Cut and Wash ~10% off
🌈Colour ~15% off 
🌈Scalp Treatment ~20% off
🌈Repair Moisture Hair Treatment ~20% off 
(Mucota or Milbon )
🌈Digital Perm ~10% off 
🌈Classic Perm ~10% off 
🌈Men perm + cut : $108 
-Top up required below shoulder blade 
💈Opening hour💈
Monday to Friday 
(10.30am to 7.30pm)
Saturday and PH 
(10.30am to 7pm)
(10.30am to 530pm)
✨All promotion Length is until shoulder blade ✨
⚡️Top up required below shoulder blade ⚡️
We are located at  420 North Bridge Road #01-04 
North Bridge Centre S 188727
Tel Number :62616861
Hp Number:87589418

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Benefits of K-Gloss treatment:

Our K-Gloss treatment provides tons of benefits to your dry, dull, and frizzy hair. Here are some incredible benefits that you can expect from our K-Gloss treatment –

  • Minimizes frizz and softens curls
  • Adds shine and gloss to hair
  • Gives a new life to dull and dry hair
  • Can be used on all hair types
  • Acquires Keratin from aquatic marine organisms and so is non-toxic
  • If you get your hair colored before the treatment, it helps lock in the color and improve the vibrancy of it.
  • A quick process that takes about 1 – 1.5 hours

How is K-Gloss treatment SINGAPORE done – The Steps?

The entire treatment takes a little over an hour to complete, depending upon your hair length and thickness. This quick treatment has only about seven simple steps, but do not go by the simplicity of it as the results are tremendously satisfying. Here are the steps that we follow to give you the sleek and lustrous hair of your dreams –


Step 1

The first step involves washing your hair to get rid of sweat, oil, dirt, and grime.


Step 2

The next step involves blow-drying your hair.


Step 3

Once your hair is completely dry, we apply our K-Gloss treatment.


Step 4 and 5

And yet again, we blow-dry your hair. After drying it thoroughly, we use a flat iron to lock in the goodness. We do not wash the hair after applying the treatment.


Step 6

It is now time for giving your hair the style of your choice. You can go for curls, beachy waves, or straight hair – the choice is all yours. You can also opt for voluminous or sleek looks. 


Step 7

The seventh step involves washing the hair, but only after three days of applying the K-Gloss hair treatment.


After all these steps, you will notice a considerable difference in your hair. It becomes smoother, silkier, healthier, and more manageable than ever before. 

Beautiful and healthy hair is just an appointment away!

With our extraordinary K-Gloss treatment, we help you get rid of frizz and lifelessness in your hair. The next time you are tired of spending hours trying to style your hair, we will come to your rescue. After all, with some professional help, every day can be a treat for your hair. We are located opposite the Singapore National Library.


420 North Bridge Road, #01-04, (Opposite National Library)
North Bridge Centre, 188727

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