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Japanese Hair Straightening Treatment in Singapore

japanese hair striaghtening

Japanese Hair Straightening Treatment in Singapore

For women with curly hair, dealing with all the frizz especially when it’s a bad hair day is truly challenging! If you want to have a brand new sleek looking straight hair look no matter how curl your hair is, we got you girl!

Here at Xquisite Hair Singapore, we can offer you straight and silky hair permanently – and it’s called the Japanese Hair Straightening Treatment. This exclusive treatment comes at a very exclusive quality and reasonable price too! Check out more details about the Japanese Hair Straightening Treatment in this article!


What is japanese hair straightening?

I know you’re very curious about this permanent hair straightening treatment that we offer, and we’re very excited to help you learn more about this. First of all, let’s start with what exactly is Japanese Hair Straightening.

If you have curls, Japanese Hair Straightening can promise to give you 60 to 70% of permanent straight hair. What it does exactly is to break the bonds of your curly hair and program your hair to grow straight hair through thermal reconditioning.

How much does Japanese straightening cost in Singapore

Let’s be honest, having a Japanese Straightening treatment is quite costly and it would depend on several factors. These factors include the health state of your hair, thickness, length, and even the years of expertise of your hairdresser!

To give you an idea, the price of Japanese Straightening in Singapore would range at about SGD$200 – 300 or more. This procedure is a very lengthy process and it would take 5 hours or more depending on the state of your hair.

At Xquisite Hair Salon, we offer this treatment using Japanese LV Pro

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Japanese Hair straightening at Xquisite Hair Singapore

Before getting your hair done, we know that you’re very curious about what you should expect when you get the Japanese Hair Straightening Treatment at our salon.

So, we got you a step by step process of how this treatment works and how we do it the Xquisite Hair Singapore way!

Hair Assessment

Before anything else, our experienced hairdressers will check the health status of your hair. This is a very important step for us to see if there are other hair problems that we need to take care of before giving you the Japanese Hair Straightening Treatment.

The length and thickness of your hair will also be assessed, so that we know how much product will be suitable for your crowning glory for best results.

Time for Treatment Application!

Japanese Hair Straightening Treatment

Now, let’s go to the most exciting part – the treatment application! This is the part where we’ll be transforming your hair through our extraordinary acid straightening product – LV Pro.

This revolutionary straightening product assures you that it can restore your damaged hair as soon as you get out of our salon.

Japanese Hair Straightening Treatment singapore

The pH level of the LV Pro is very ideal for the hair so it lessens the burden of your hair for the entire straightening process. The best part is that it doesn’t smell bad!

You won’t experience any funky smell unlike regular relaxers. LV Pro contains CTG or Cysteamine Thioglycolate which cancels out unpleasant odors on your hair, and even helps it grow more stronger than ever.

This product will be left on your hair for an hour or less to break the bonds coming from your curly hair. In the meantime, you can watch your favorite Netflix series while waiting for the treatment to work wonders on your hair.

Rinsing and Heat Straightening

Now that the waiting game is over, we will rinse off the product on your hair and apply moisturizer to keep your hair hydrated and soft. After rinsing, blow drying is next in line until all of your hair strands are fully dried out.

Straightening your hair is where most of the time is spent during the entire process. Our hairdressers should ensure that they meticulously straighten your hair using a flat iron to lock in the treatment. Don’t worry, we use professional flat irons to lessen any heat damage on your hair.

Sectioning the hair is very important to ensure that every part of your hair is straightened out for best results. Expect to see different kinds of combs and brushes while we straighten your hair because we want to give you the best hairstyle you could ever have!

Neutralizer Application

After the ironing process, you will surely be wowed with how your hair has transformed, but we’re not done yet! The next step is to apply the neutralizer to balance out the pH of your hair.

It will only take less than 10 minutes, because we’re all done with the most tedious part of the process. After the waiting time, we will rinse your hair another time and apply some moisturizers if necessary.

Blow Drying and Finishing Up

Once the neutralizer has been rinsed out of your hair, it’s time to blow dry it one last time. Lastly, we have to run your hair through another quick flat iron session just to lock in all the ingredients and treatment one last time. Then, you’re all ready to flaunt your new hair!

Note: Be reminded that you have to wait for 2 to 3 days before washing your hair to make sure that all the treatments are locked in on your hair.

Is this the best hair straightening treatment in Singapore?

Japanese Hair Straightening treatment is one of the best treatments that you can get in Singapore. But of course, it would all depend on the condition of your hair to know that it’s actually best for you.

Considering that we use all premium products and ingredients, Xquisite Singapore will always make sure that you get the best Japanese Hair Straightening Treatment in Singapore – with minimal or no damage at all!

Japanese straightening vs Keratin treatment

Keratin Treatment is more common than Japanese Straightening so if you’re confused on what treatment you should get, we have differentiated the two procedures to help you decide. We’ll first take a look at the Japanese Straightening Treatment.

Japanese Straightening

If you’re comparing the Japanese Straightening Treatment into how regular relaxers work, yes they work properly. On the other hand, the Japanese Straightening Treatment is milder and safer for the hair. So, it would be less damaging to the hair.

Benefits of Japanese Straightening Treatment

Here are some of the commending benefits once you have Japanese Straightening Treatment on your hair:

  • Milder formula
  • Safer on the hair
  • Less damaging on hair
  • Gives a very smooth and silky texture on hair
  • Does not curl out hair even with humidity or water
  • Gives permanent results
  • Can be given to people with dyed or lightened hair
  • Smooth and sleek finish

Downsides of Japanese Straightening Treatment

We mentioned everything good about the Japanese Straightening Treatment but of course, we want you to understand that there would always be a downside of having your hair treated. Take a look at the drawbacks that you might experience when you get the Japanese Straightening Treatment:

  • Costly
  • Lengthy procedure
  • Not ideal for very damaged hair

Keratin Treatment

Now, let’s move on to the Keratin Treatment, which is also known as Brazilian Blowout in most salons. As the name states, Keratin Treatment mainly uses Keratin – a protein that is usually seen on our nails, skin, and hair.

Keratin Treatment is usually recommended to people with severely damaged or frizzy hair. It doesn’t give out permanent results like the Japanese Straightening Treatment because it only lasts for 2 to 3 months maximum.

On the other hand, if you have bleached and colored hair, this is your best option if you want to turn your frizzy curls to a silky straight one.

How long does Japanese hair straightening last?

Now you know that the Japanese Straightening Treatment can give you permanent straight hair results, you have to remember that new hair will soon grow out – untreated! After 8 to 10 months and you see your curls start growing out, you can always visit our salon for your touch-up.

Don’t worry! You don’t exactly have to wait 8 to 10 months just to get your hair brand new, especially if you have a special occasion coming up! As long as your hair grows out 4 inches or more, you’re all ready to get your Japanese Hair Straightening again.

Straighten your hair today!

If you’re planning to get a Japanese Hair Treatment and you’re pretty bothered with the price, we got you! Watch out for our promotions in no time, and you can get a great discount. Xquisite Hair Salon is one of the selected salons that offer this wonderful service, and we’ll be happy to help you recreate your hair in the best way possible.

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