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L’oreal Singapore Hair Colour – S$168 nett (2023 Promo)

L’oreal Singapore Hair Colour – S$168 nett (2023 Promo)

You are worth so much more than just a colour. With L’Oreal Paris hair dye, we help you shine brighter than the brightest star and achieve your diverse hair goals. Whether you are looking to try out the latest hair colour trend or the thought of dyeing your hair already has a permanent spot on your mind, we have it all sorted for you. 

Our Professional Service

Every hair dye is different, with each one serving its own purpose. Considering that, we always make the right choice for you to help you feel confident in your new hair. Here at X’quisite Hair Studio, we also ensure that you are not allergic to the products by first doing a strand test. 

With our professional service, you will get the desired results that you are looking for without damaging your hair. 





✨June Special promotion ✨
Receive 10% OFF on your first hair service! Additional 10% OFF (up to 50% OFF) on every additional hair service during same visit.
*Discount applies for service with higher price to lowest price.️
✨Hair Treatment ✨
 *Anti frizzy /Rebonding treatment/repair dry hair treatment *
1:Mucota omega rebonding >$238
2: Mucota Algana agran oil treatment >$288 
3: Mucota scena treatment >$158
4: Mucota tricho cell treatment >$198 
5: Mucota Anti-frizzy hair treatment >$218
6: Signature LVpro acid fiber rebonding treatment >$318 
7: Kgloss keratin treatment >$198
8: Nano-keratin treatment >$288 
9: SBC Revitalise hair treatment >$168 
10: classic rebonding >$178
✨Scalp treatment✨
* loss hair/oily/sensitive/dandruff*
1: Double Action hair loss treatment >$88
2: Miriko herbs medicine scalp treatment >$158 
3:Mucota the volcanic mud Scalp treatment >$158 
4: Revlon marine algae scalp treatment >$158 
5: detox scalp treatment >$68
✨Colour ✨
*colour/creative colour/bleaching *
1: Root retouch  >$68 
2: Colour >$138
3: Men (short hair) colour >$88
3: Creative /Highlights >$168 to $328 
4: Colour+bleaching {1 time} >$248
✨Perm / Digital perm✨ 
1: Korean Classic perm >$148
2: Men Korean Classic perm >$88
3: Korean digital perm >$208 
4:Mucota omega digital perm >$288 
5: signature LVpro acid fiber digital perm >$368
<top root rebonding add$100>
✨All promotion Length is until shoulder blade ✨
⚡️Top up required below shoulder blade ⚡️

Promotion length valid for
Short, Medium ,Long
*Terms & Conditions Applies

Why Choose L’oreal Hair Dye?

L’Oreal is a powerful brand that is quite easily recognised by people across the globe. The brand combines the latest in technology with the highest quality to bring you the most luxurious products without compromising on affordability. 

L’Oreal also understands the importance of healthy hair, and so, it takes the utmost care with its hair dyes, choosing ingredients that are safe for the hair. 


Here are some reasons that will help you trust and choose L’oreal –

  • No ammonia 
  • Leaves your hair with a rich colour
  • Adds softness and smoothness to hair
  • Gives your locks a natural sheen and gloss
  • Colour lasts for a long time
  • As and when fading starts, it is even and slow


We love L’Oreal hair dye because of the numerous benefits it bestows upon us. 

Here are some to help you make a decision.


Beautiful Results

We love how L’Oreal Hair Dye changes our hair and makes it look glamorous. In no time, you can get lustrous tresses that are going to grab attention wherever you go. 

Here are some shades we did.

loreal hair dye singapore

loreal singapore salon hair colouring

loreal hair coloring salon singapore


Changes Your Appearance

We all get bored and tired with our hair colour, especially if we have never experimented with colours. Using L’Oreal Hair dye to colour the hair is a great way to tussle up and enhance your look.

A lighter colour makes you look youthful, and if dramatic is what you are feeling, darker shades can help you achieve that. Not one to go for a dramatic look? You can always opt for subtle highlights.


Custom Shades

Getting your hair done using L’Oreal Hair dye gives you the advantage of making a custom shade/look. Gearing up for a special occasion and already have a look in mind? Don’t worry! We are here to hear you out and create a colour that is custom made only for you.

loreal hair dye salon


The results are pretty exceptional and absolutely stunning, with tresses that feel smooth, look glossy, and have an exceptional texture. 

Are you convinced to choose our exceptional L’Oreal hair dye for getting those vibrant shades of the rainbow?


loreal colouring singapore

Take up our Promotion!

We understand that dyeing your hair can be quite a huge step, and so, we take maximum care to give you hair that you will fall in love with. With our L’oreal Hair Dye, you can finally achieve the colour of your dreams without worrying about damaging or drying your hair.

Why? Because you are worth it!


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