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Digital Perm – Korean Perm vs Japanese Perm Singapore (2023 Promo: from S$88)

korean perm vs japanese perm

Digital Perm – Korean Perm vs Japanese Perm Singapore (2023 Promo: from S$88)

The main problem faced by every girl across the globe is hairstyling and structuring. We hate all the time involved and the first that is created when we are trying to tame are main.

To reduce the time and make hairstyling easy, it is important to pick the correct structure and style that would work for you.

At Xquisite Hair Studio, we understand the varied needs of every woman and so we strive to bring to you the best hair structuring and styling according to your requirements.

Perm is one of the most versatile hairstyling techniques that you can go for. There are different kinds of perms that you can get.

We are here to help you understand and find out and know the difference between Japanese Perm, Korean Perm, and our specialty, Mucota Omega Digital Perm.

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What is Japanese Perm?

In the world of semi-permanent hair straightening and curling, nothing surpasses the Japanese. The concoction and techniques used by the Japanese are in fact so much better than anywhere else in the world. Japanese perms are very subtle and natural; when you get this done it actually looks like you have not done anything at all.

This is something we all crave; a hair so natural yet so classy. Getting a Japanese perm can give you an effortless look that is very classy and stylish.

At Xquisite Hair Studio, we use different techniques to give you the perfect Japanese perm.














men korean classic perm singapore price


Things to note about Japanese Perm

Your hair is the least damaged

All kinds of perms damage your hair to some length. It is because this technique breaks your existing hair bonds and then gives you your desired shape. However, we at Xquisite Hair Studio, use perm lotions to ensure there is minimal damage to your hair.

Japanese Perms are softer and more natural

Japanese perm adds texture to your hair instead of just giving curls. The texture provided by this technique makes styling your hair a very easy task. In fact, after our Japanese perm, you can let your hair just be without styling it.

However, as a disclamatory note, we would like to let you know that Japanese perms use a lower temperature and less chemical processing as compared to other perm techniques. Because of this, Japanese perms may not last as long as others. But, the cost is definitely lower.

More layers

At Xquisite Hair Studio, we understand the need to make hair manageable. When we give you Japanese perm, we make sure to add layers to add some bounce to your curls. This step also helps add some breezy movement.

That being said, we also consider your natural hair texture before deciding on adding layers. If you have thinner hair, we cut down on the layers since fine strands may frizz up.

Korean Perm

Korean palm is a very popular technique that has distinct styles. The different styles include the S-curl perms and C-curl volume rebonding. These are the styles that you will see most Korean celebrities sporting on a daily basis.

At Xquisite Hair Studio, we have redefined perms as we know them.

S-Curl Perms

This popular style gives you luxurious S-shaped waves that turn around in different directions.

We highly recommend getting this done because it adds more volume, texture, and glamour to your hair.

Once you get the S-curl perms, you will realize that your hair is always extremely Immaculate and it requires low maintenance.

This style also looks very good on short hair and it makes your hair look more natural.

Body Wave Perms

The Body Wave Perm may seem similar to S-Curl Perm but it is not the same. In this style, you will notice that the S shape in your hair is much larger and is also more defined.

In an S-Curl Perm, the hair turns around in different directions. However, in the body wave perm, all your locks turn in the same direction. If you love beachy waves, we highly recommend that you come and get this done.

C-Curl Perms

C-Curl Perms have become extremely mainstream and popular. This is all thanks to K drama and the actors wearing this style.

The C-shaped perms are very subtle and yet they look so classy. The perms are defined at the end of the hair and they help contour your jawline and also make them look slender.

We love this hairstyle on everybody who has a Bob cut. It really elevates the look to a whole new level.

We also recommend that you combine your C-curl perms with rebonding. This helps create the perfect contrast between the sleekness of straightened locks with the finishing touch of the perm. This is known as volume rebonding. It creates a touch of volume and movement which is not present in classic rebonding.

It is an extremely low-maintenance hairstyle that you can get if you want convenient and silky hair.

Things to note about Korean Perm and how is it different from Japanese Perm

They are more defined than Japanese Perms

Korean perm had been created to minimize the amount of time that women have to spend every day on their hair. With the Korean perm, all you have to do on a daily basis is apply some calling lotion and then blow dry your hair to achieve that perfect find look. At Xquisite hair studio, we give you well-defined Korean perms that look extremely glamorous and clear.

They are low maintenance

We at Xquisite hair studio use very strong techniques, combining them with quality treatments to make sure that your hair does not require a lot of maintenance. By using all of this together, we ensure that your perm lasts you up to 6 months or even more. This highly depends on your hair type.

Korean Perms are more concentrated towards hair ends

Korean perms are different from Japanese perms because they tend to be more concentrated towards the ends of the hair.

When doing Korean perms, we do not generally add layers to it because of which the hair looks very dense and luxurious. Because of this reason, Korean perms generally have curls at the bottom of the hair where the weight of the hair is the maximum.

We at Xquisite hair studio consider your face shape and hair type before deciding on it.

What is Digital Perm?

Digital poms involve a combination of heat and chemical treatment. By getting this done, you change the chemical setup of your hair completely. At Xquisite Hair Studio, we restructure each of your hair strands using chemical treatments. Once the strands have been restructured. We use hot rods to call each section of the hair. That is not all!

Once every strand has been called to perfection, we use more Chemicals to lock in the shape of the hair. We have had clients leaving our hair studio feeling extremely happy and satisfied with the curls we have given them.

Once you decide to get a digital perm, you can stop worrying about your hair for more than one year. Digital perms are not the same as cold wave perms which is a permanent treatment technique.

In cold wave perms, we do not use any kind of heat to give you calls and waves. There is also no chemical used to lock in the hair shape. Cold wave perm also gives you tighter curls as compared to digital perm.

Korean Perm vs Digital Perm

Korean perm is permanent and digital perm is semi-permanent. Korean perm is a form of permanent hair straightening method that uses a chemical solution to straighten the hair. A digital perm, also known as electric perm, uses a digital heater to heat the hair and shape them into a style. Both methods can straighten your hair and add extra shine, but only a korean perm can keep your hair straight permanently.

Korean perm is considered to last longer than digital perm.  Digital perm may last around 3 – 4 months if you wash your hair really less.  It depends on our hair types as well.

What is Mucota Omega Digital Perm

We really specialize in Mucota Omega digital perm. It is a way for you to get natural and Wavy perms that make your hair look voluminous without actually wearing them down. This is a digital perm technique but with a slight twist.

Before going on with the digital perm process, we begin with the Omega volume rebonding technique to help eliminate any kind of effect that you may have to deal with doing this before going for the digital perm makes your hair extremely smooth and redefine texture.

This also works by adding some root lift to your hair and does not let your hair look limp. Once the Omega volume rebonding is completed we use digital perm to watch the ends of your hair to give you that weightless bounds and volume.

When you get this done, you also do not require to indulge in a lot of maintenance on your part. All you have to do at home is simply blow dry your hair and swirl the strands around your finger to put it back into place.

Check out our Mucota Hair Treatment Services

What you need to know about Perms in general

Choose the option that suits you best

Since there are diverse groups of people buried here, there are different options to choose from. When you visit us at Xquisite Hair Studio, we take note of your face shape, our hair texture, and hair type to tell you which perm technique will suit you the best. You can also do your own research so that you will be fully satisfied and convinced with the technique.

Know your priorities

When you decide to get perms, know what exactly you are looking for. You need to know the kind of look you are going for and for how long you want to commit to it. There are certain types of perms that last for about six months or more whereas others can last you only about 2 to 3 months. These are the considerations that you need to think about before you finally decide to commit to anything. You can also talk to the experts at Xquisite Hair Studio to solve all your questions and doubts.

Some hair types need more maintenance than others

We always advise all our clients to blow-dry the hair after washing and not let them air dry. It is because the air-drying method can actually cause your hair to frizz up. If you have very fine hair or if you have bleached your hair before, you would require more maintenance as compared to other types of hair. In such cases, you need to regularly apply serum and curl creams to make sure that your curls remain intact and in place. Also, you need to make sure that you are using a hair mask every once in a while to keep that smoothness in place.

Xquisite Hair Singapore at your service

There are so many options for you to choose from, and when you visit us, we make sure that whatever we pick and recommend, they work the best for you. Our recommendations are based on your desired hair type and your existing hair texture and shape.

Try out our hair studio and go home bouncing that pretty mane.

You can visit us at: https://xquisitehair.sg/