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Mucota Hair Treatment Singapore – S$128 nett (2022 Promotion)

Mucota Hair Treatment Singapore – S$128 nett (2022 Promotion)

The Mucota hair treatment is a hidden gem that nourishes and restores hair internally using ingredients that naturally exist in hair. This exquisite treatment is specially formulated to work on your damaged and lifeless hair to give your glossy, smooth locks.

Here at X’quisite Hair Studio, we are offering this exclusive treatment at exclusive prices!




June promotion 
Korean colour $128
*free moisture treatment *
Korean colour + highlights $228 
 *free moisture treatment *
Colour root retouch $68
Mucota scena treatment $128 * free cut *
Detox scalp treatment + mucota scena treatment $168 *free cut * 
Kgloss keratin treatment $178 * free cut *
Mucota omega rebonding $168 * free cut *
Mucota Algana agran oil treatment *$228 * free cut *
Detox deep cleaning scalp treatment $108 
*free cut *
(Double action,Revlon,miriko )
Korean Classic perm $98 
*free cut *
Korean soft digital perm $148 
free cut
Mucota digital perm + root rebonding $248 
*free cut *
Men hair cut $28 
Ladies hair cut $35 
*Special June promotion for all promotion 2nd services 20% off *
* top up is required for hair below mid back *

Promotion length valid for
Short, Medium ,Long
*Terms & Conditions Applies

Mucota Scena Hair Treatment

mucota hair treatment singapore

Scena+ is a new exquisite treatment from Mucota that restores hair internally using ingredients found in hair itself.

Mucota Scena+ is specially formulated for Asian hair types with advance Nano CMC+ (Cell Membrane Complex), nano moisturising amino acids, lipids and proteins.

This treatment penetrates through hair layers effectively and replenishes lost CMC, restoring hair internally.

benefits of mucota treatment

Mucota Scena accompanies a heap of advantages for your braids. It is everything that you may ever require from a hair treatment: it seriously fixes damaged locks, adds moisture, conditions, protects, and seals off hair from further damage. 

The Mucota Scena hair treatment is unique in that it uses ingredients that are already naturally existing in your hair.



Preparing and Restoring your hair to its prime condition

A considerable lot of us have dry, harmed, and straw-like hair, on account of the endless fading, dyeing, coloring, and heat-styling that we make it go through. To reestablish the previous brilliance of your glossy hair, we apply a formula containing concentrated hyaluronic acid and three sorts of collagen to your hair and scalp. 

This is a truly magical formulation that provides superb hydration to your scalp and hair, leaving you with soft locks. 



Moisturizing and conditioning your tresses

Moisturizing and conditioning are essential steps; this is the step where advanced nano-sized CMC elements come to play. CMC (Cell Membrane Complex) gives you shiny and healthy locks by binding in proteins, lipids, amino acids, and polysaccharides together. 

However, all the damage done to the hair because of bleaching, dyeing, and heat-styling can lower the count of CMC and lead to dry, brittle, and damaged tresses. 

Mucota Scena replenishes the low count of CMC, penetrating deep into the locks and moisturizing it effectively. 



Intensively repairing and trapping moisture 

Now that we have efficiently moisturized your hair, the next step is to ensure that the moisture stays locked in. We do just that with Mucota Scena hair treatment using a reactive ceramide substance that prevents moisture and CMC from flowing out of your hair. 



Protecting and sealing your locks

The final step to this awesome hair treatment is to seal it all in. For this, we use a seven-layered lamellar liquid crystal structure to trap in all that moisture. With this final step, the benefits stay in your hair and penetrate deep into your hair follicles. 

Benefits of Mucota Scena:

mucota treatment singapore hair salon

Effective for highly damaged bleached hair

Mucota Scena works marvelously on hair damaged by bleaching. It moisturizes the hair and repairs hair cuticles to help them retain treatment molecules for a longer period of time.



Lightweight treatment that does not weigh the hair down

Have you ever felt that your hair feels weighed down after a hair treatment? You will not feel the same with our Mucota Scena treatment. Although the treatment is quite intensive, the ingredients used are lightweight and do not weigh the hair down. So even if you have fine hair, this treatment will suit you.

The ingredients also repair the hair from the inside to the outside. 



Treatment can last for 4 – 6 weeks

Most other treatments wear off after a couple of washes, but not the special Mucota Scena hair treatment. The anti-frizz effect from the treatment lasts for a good 4 – 6 weeks, giving you more time to enjoy that fabulous shine and smoothness. 



Picture says a thousand words

One of customer attempted this treatment with Before and After.

The treatment takes only about one hour

If you have ever sat down for a hair treatment before, you would know that it requires a lot of commitment on your part, in terms of time. However, with our Mucota Scena treatment, you will be done in under an hour, giving you wonderful results in less time.

Now that you are convinced, are you ready to come and try out Mucota Scena hair treatment?

If you’re keen to give the above treatment a go, do note that this treatment is only available to select hair salons in Singapore.

X’quisite Hair Salon is one of them and fortunately.


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Usual price: $208

Promo Price: $128 for MUCOTA Scena Hair Treatment

Promo comes with Free Haircut

Mucota Volume Rebonding Promo

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