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Scalp Treatment Singapore – $108 (using Revlon products)

affordable scalp treatment singapore

Scalp Treatment Singapore – $108 (using Revlon products)

Most of us are too concerned about our hair and are always looking for the latest innovations to ensure we have a luscious and healthy mane. In the world of innovative technologies, there is one that is being chosen by professionals all across the globe.

The Revlon EKSperience Talassotherapy is a highly effective therapy that has been designed especially for professionals. The therapy is a combination of science and nature, and it ensures that you get extraordinary and marvelous results.

The Revlon EKSperience Talassotherapy Scalp Treatment is quite an innovative technology that makes use of the benefits provided by the sea.

This mud-based professional treatment line helps you treat your hair and scalp problems. It contains ingredients such as sea muds, algae, and essential oils that are all known for their excellent properties.

What does it contain?

The formula of Revlon EKSperiencec Talassotherapy contains Aquamaris complex, which has Marine Spring Water, Specific Algae for each Scalp type, Common Algae, and a mix of Trace Elements. It also contains Pearl Extract and Oyster Shell Powder, each rich in hair-loving properties.


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Scalp Treatment Singapore Ingredients used

Pearl Extract

Pearl Extract is a magical ingredient that has been used for centuries by the Chinese. It is an ingredient that is known to restore health; it is also known for its highly moisturizing properties. This is greatly beneficial for the hair as it helps to revive your hair strands.

Oyster Shell Powder

This powder is known to have an astringent and toning action that helps to tone your scalp.

Marine Spring Water

This Marine spring water has been sourced from French Island, Noirmoutier. It is known to have several benefits that are perfect for your hair. Here are the benefits that make the marine spring water highly sought after:

  • It helps to improve the texture of the epidermis
  • It also helps stimulate cell production
  • It prevents the attack of free radicals
  • It helps in the purification process of the scalp
  • It also helps to keep your hair safe against pollution and other chemical treatments that your hair undergoes in its lifetime

Specific Algae – An Algae For Each Scalp Type

The benefits that this Specific Algae have are:

  • It helps to nourish your hair follicles
  • It restructures the hair fiber
  • It also purifies the epidermis
  • It helps to create just the right amount of humidity to keep your hair healthy
  • It releases active ingredients that are known to be highly beneficial for the well-being of your hair and scalp

With all of these extraordinary and magnificent ingredients, you are sure to get healthy-looking locks in no time.

Who is the Revlon EKSperience Talassotherapy for?

This treatment is the perfect solution for all those who are tired of dandruff and flaking scalp issues. With the EKSperience Talassotherapy, you can be sure to get rid of all scalp anomalies that have been troubling you for years. It also helps add all those wonderful benefits to ensure you have hair you would always want to show off.

The Talassotherapy Steps

#1– Prepare using Scalp Exfoliator

The first step into getting the hair of your dreams is to prepare your scalp and hair. The first step is thus, to use a scalp exfoliator. Use the dropper to apply a few drops of Phase 0 Scalp treatment to your dry scalp. We will use fingertips to distribute the scalp treatment evenly by making small circular movements.

Benefits of the Scalp Exfoliator:

  • It helps to deeply cleanse the scalp
  • It helps dissolve sebum
  • It also adds hydration to the scalp
  • It liberates follicles of impurities

#2– Purify using Scalp Mud and Essential Oils

The next step is to purify the scalp using an active mud that contains essential oil, algae powder, and a 6-vitamin cocktail filler. The scalp mud helps to absorb all impurities from your scalp. While doing so, it also releases the active ingredients that are a part of its rich formula.

Benefits of Scalp Mud:

  • It helps to clean the scalp deeply
  • It helps to absorb and eliminate impurities
  • It also revitalizes and hydrates the scalp
  • It adds nourishment and strengthens hair

Benefits of 6-Vitamins Cocktail Filter:

  • It helps to restore hydro-lipid and pH balance
  • It increases hair body and vitality
  • It adds a luminous shine to the hair
  • It makes hair softer and smoother
  • It helps to make hair stronger and more resistant

Specific Essential Oils for Various Scalp Problems

The various scalp oils can be used to treat specific scalp concerns that you may have. Here are the various scalp essential oils and the problems they treat:

  1. Purity – treats dandruff
  2. Rebalance – treats oily scalp
  3. Comfort – helps with a sensitive scalp
  4. Vitality – helps to get rid of hair loss

How do we prepare Scalp Mud?

To prepare a fresh batch of the scalp mud, mix three scoops of Algae powder with one bottle of essential oil and four pipettes of 6-Vitamin Cocktail Filler. Mixing all of these together helps you to create the EKSperience Active Mud.

When you have created the Active Mud, apply it directly on the dry scalp using the Talasso brush. Leave it on for 10 minutes to heal. Cool it for 5 minutes and then rinse it off.

#3– Cleanse

When we have applied the Active Mud on your scalp for 15 minutes, we will rinse it off using a cleanser that is suited for your scalp type. We will wash off the mud but be sure that the flow of the water is slow and gentle. Also, gentle hand movements are needed to remove the mud from your scalp. We will shampoo your hair twice after that.

#4– Treat

There are four types of scalp lotion available with each targeting specific scalp problems. The four problems that these lotions aim to treat are oiliness, dandruff, sensitivity, and hair loss. For an intensive treatment, make sure to apply an even layer of the lotion before blow drying.

Hair Rituals

#1– Cleanse

The first step is to cleanse the hair using cleansers that are perfect for a specific type. There are two options available – Hydro Nutritive Ritual and Color Protection Ritual. By cleansing, you prepare the hair to receive subsequent treatment.

#2– Nourish

The next step is to apply a nourishing mask for dry or colored hair. To make the mask, we will mix a suitable amount of Hydro Nutritive Mask/Color Protection Mask with one pipette of 6-Vitamin Cocktail Filler.

#3– Protect

The next and final step is to apply leave-on protection for dry/coloured hair. For this, we will need to spray the Hydro Nutritive No-Rinse Keratin Spray. This spray needs to be sprayed evenly on towel-dried hair. This step ensures that your hair is still protected and nourished after the treatment has been completed.

Scalp Treatment Singapore for Specific Concerns

Sebum Control

This is a great option if you have an oily scalp. After only one week of using this, you will notice that there is much less sebum on your scalp. You will noticeably see a reduction of sebum on the scalp after the second wash.

The active ingredients include Specific Algae, Rosemary Extract, Sage Extract, Creatine, and Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid.

The products that you can use are: Phase 0, Algae Powder, Balancing Essential Oil Extract, 6-Vitamins Cocktail Filler, Balancing Hair Cleanser, and Balancing Lotion.

Scalp Treatment for Comfort

This is an ideal option for those with a sensitive scalp. The active ingredients include Specific Algae, Bisabolol, which is known for its soothing action, Allantoin, Pro Vitamin B5, and Silanediol Salicylate.

The products that you can use are Phase 0, Algae Powder, Dermo Calm Essential Oil Extract, 6-Vitamins Cocktail Filler, Dermo Calm Hair Cleanser, Scalp Dermo Calm Lotion.

Scalp Treatment for Purity

This is a great option for those who are concerned due to their flaky scalp. Using this can show a reduction in the amount of dandruff after only one week. The active ingredients include Specific Algae, Burdock Extract, Mentha Aquatica Extract, Climbazole, which is known to be antibacterial, Creatine, and Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid.

The products that you can use are Phase 0, Algae Powder, Purifying Essential Oil Extract, 6-Vitamins Cocktail Filter, Purifying Hair Cleanser, and Scalp Purifying Lotion.

Scalp Treatment for Anti Hair Loss

If you have thinning hair and are tired of seeing your hair falling in heaps, this is the one for you. You will notice a reduction in hair loss when washing your hair using this. The active ingredients include Specific Algae, Panthenol, Hops Extract, Rosemary Extract, Anti Hair Loss Complex, Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid, and Creatine.

The products that you can use are Phase 0, Algae Powder, Purifying Essential Oil Extract, 6-Vitamins Cocktail Filler, Purifying Hair Cleanser, and Scalp Purifying Lotion.

Apart from these, you also get specific treatments for dry and treated hair, colored hair, as well as for all purposes.

The Revlon EKSperience!

Talassotherapy is a line of a professional range of products that can be used to ensure your mane is something you are proud of.

Check out with our friendly salon staff to see how we can “SCALP” your hair today.