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Mucota Hair Treatment for Coloured Hair

mucota hair colouring treatment

Mucota Hair Treatment for Coloured Hair

You finally got your dream mermaid hair color – and now you’re worried about the fading and oxidation since you want the vibrant colors to last. As we all know, Mucota Hair Treatment is famous for bringing back the health of your hair after being damaged by all the hair chemicals and treatments that you’re getting.

But now, the Mucota brand has created a brand new innovation – the Mucota Pure Colour which is explicitly made for colored hair. For people whose hairs have turned into dazzling salon-grade look after Mucota treatment, you will surely benefit more from the new Mucota Pure Colour especially if you love coloring your hair!

For long lasting color and healthy hair, the best treatment that you could ever get is just right here!

What is Mucota Hair Treatment for Coloured Hair?

The Mucota Hair Treatment for Coloured Hair comes with a shampoo and a treatment product manufactured to treat colored hair. You never have to go to the salon just to get this treatment because one of its best features is that it’s very easy to use at home.

This two-product treatment helps prevent color fading due to oxidation through its naturalizing active colorant ingredient. Also, this treatment is used to maximize the longevity and vibrancy of hair colors especially the colors who are very prone to fading.

How Does Hair Coloring and Bleaching Work On Your Hair?

Before we dig into how the Mucota Hair Treatment for Coloured Hair works, it is crucial to know how permanent hair dyeing works on your hair. This process works by removing the natural color of your hair and replacing it with artificial colors. The molecules of the hair dye are locked inside the hair fiber once the cuticles have sealed after coloring.

Bleaching is one of the main reasons why your hair gets damaged from coloring. The ingredients from bleach dilates the cuticles of your hair and penetrates deep inside of it. Once the bleaching agents have penetrated the cuticles, it will leave the alkali dye particles to make your hair absorb more hair dye molecules. On the other hand, it leaves your hair with high levels of oxidative stress, making it more prone to damage.

You might see that your hair looks more vibrant after bleaching, but once your hair gets damaged, the colors of your hair would fade much faster than usual. This is because the damaged hair fibers allow more hair color molecules to flow out of your hair. That’s when the Mucota Hair Treatment comes in – it prevents your hair from getting damaged even after bleaching.

In the next section, we will now talk about how the Mucota Hair Treatment works wonders for your color treated hair.

How Does Mucota Hair Treatment for Coloured Hair Works?

Mucota Hair Treatment for Coloured Hair Works

Think of the Mucota Hair Treatment for Coloured Hair as your rescuer when it comes to color damage. The two products from this treatment contain premium ingredients to bring back the health of your hair while also keeping your hair colors vibrant.

There are two ways that the Mucota Hair Treatment can work wonders on your hair. First, the treatment works by neutralizing the residual alkali on your hair. It also cancels out the active bleaching oxidative compounds that can cause damage to the hair.

Next is the repair of the cuticles. After removing all the damaging components from bleach, the treatment now works to restore the health of your hair. It can improve your hair condition, it gives enough moisture, and also helps stabilize the colors of your hair.

What Are The Components of the Mucota Hair Treatment for Coloured Hair?

We mentioned the ease of use that this treatment can give you. Unlike your regular salon treatments that have lots of hair products that the stylist needs to apply, this treatment only uses two products.

First is the Mucota Pure Shampoo and the Mucota Pure Color Treatment. We will be talking about each of these items to help you get to know them better.

Mucota Pure Shampoo

Mucota Pure Shampoo

The Mucota Pure Shampoo is the first product that you need to use for the entire treatment process.This shampoo is scientifically proven to prevent your hair color from fading. Aside from prevention of oxidation, it can also help boost the vibrancy of your hair.

Each bottle of this shampoo contains ingredients that can help restore the natural health and state of your hair. It can also be used to improve your hair condition and turn it smoother and shinier than ever before.

This shampoo is packed with citrusy and floral notes, which makes you want to smell your hair every now and then. The scent is not overpowering, and it leaves your hair smelling fresh throughout the day.

Here are the key ingredients of the Mucota Pure Shampoo:

  • Hematin
  • Aspalathus Linearis Extract
  • Persimmon Tannin
  • 12 Kinds of Amino Acids
  • PCA
  • Sodium PCA (Natural Moisturizing Factor)
  • Sodium Taurine Cocoyl Methyltaurate
  • Cocamidopropyl Betaine

Mucota Pure Color Treatment

Mucota Pure Color Treatment

The next step for this home color treatment is the Mucota Pure Color Treatment. This is the last and most crucial step to do since it does most of the job for giving your hair a makeover. This treatment is packed with color retaining ingredients while also making sure that your hair is getting enough nutrients that it needs.

This treatment comes with a premium blend of 12 kinds of amino acids, honey, and persimmon extracts. You would notice that this treatment is not fully synthetic, which makes it more nourishing for your hair.

Hematin is also one of the key ingredients of this treatment. Hematin binds with your hair molecules to stimulate the repair of even the most damaged hair. It also binds with keratin to boost the vibrancy of your hair color, no matter what shade it is.

Below are the key ingredients of the Mucota Pure Color Treatment:

  • Hematin
  • Aspalathus Linearis Extract
  • Persimmon Tannin
  • Honey
  • 12 Kinds of Amino Acids
  • Natural Moisturizing Factor,
  • Carthamus Tinctoris (Hybrid Safflower Seed Oil)
  • Salvia Hispanica (Chia) Seed Oil
  • Ceramide Analog
  • Inula Crithmoide Flower / leaf Extract

What Are The Benefits Of Using the Mucota Hair Treatment for Coloured Hair?

Now that we have learned everything about the components of the Mucota Hair Treatment for Coloured Hair, it is time to talk about all the benefits that your hair can have from using this treatment right at the comfort of your own homes.

Long Lasting Color

The Mucota Hair Treatment for Coloured Hair is scientifically proven to make all hair colors last longer. You might have noticed that after you dye your hair, it only takes a few days before the vibrant color starts wearing off.

So if you want those colors to last longer, using this two-step treatment is the best way possible. Through the premium blend of ingredients in the shampoo and treatment, you would significantly notice that your brightly dyed hair still looks vibrant after weeks.

Reduces Damage from Hair Dye

We have mentioned about the hematin component of the two product treatments, and this is the main ingredient used to protect your hair from damage. Hematin allows the nutrients to penetrate further deep into each of your hair strands to make them healthier than usual.

Bleaching has been the most damaging process in hair dyeing but using the Mucota Hair Treatment for Coloured hair significantly reduces the harm of getting your favorite color. Hematin is also known for its ability to protect the hair against sun damage.

The UV rays of the sun is one of the reasons why hair color fades so easily, and now that can be prevented all thanks to hematin.

The shampoo and treatment products of Mucota Hair Treatment for Coloured hair are composed of premium ingredients all working together to keep every strand of your hair protected at all costs.


Last but not the least, Mucota Hair Treatment for Coloured hair is jam packed with moisturizing properties to keep your hair silky smooth. The shampoo itself does not make your hair feel dry after you wash it, and the treatment product makes your hair feel softer and more manageable once it’s dry.

Key Takeaways

If you have been dealing with damaging issues due to coloring your hair, the Mucota Hair Treatment for Colored Hair might just be the holy grail you are looking for. Remember that you have to use this product continuously to see visible results.

The two product treatment has been tested for a fading experiment and it was seen that it’s effective to prevent color fading for up to 30 washes. The vibrancy of the hair color has also improved, leaving your hair looking like it’s newly colored even after weeks.

We know how important it is to keep your hair looking healthy even when it’s heavily colored, so investing in the Mucota Hair Treatment for Colored Hair is indeed a great choice!

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